Teaching/ Enseignement

I taught at Royal College of Music, London, from 1995 to 2011, where I looked after the class of French Mélodie but also taught singing on a one-to-one basis.


Also started a Workshop/Course of Gregorian Chant there, which blossomed into the recording of chant manuscripts exhibited in the Medieval Galleries at the V&A Museum.


I teach at home, now in France, all levels, but not children, as this is a speciality which I have not [yet!] mastered.


My vocal technique is one based on "bel canto", or beautiful singing, the natural blooming of the voice, with no contrivances.


My "lineage" would be Manuel Garcia, Pauline Viardot, Jorge Croner de Vasconcellos, and Winifred Radford, to all of whom I am eternally grateful.


I am now living in West France.